The Most Experienced Sailors on the Planet

After 300,000 miles, John Kretschmer stopped counting. Not only does he have more experience under his belt than possibly anyone on the planet, he really writes well !   

Probably the world's most accomplished cruising couple, Lin an Larry Pardey share all their insight, both practical and parsimonious. 

Heavy Weather Sailing and Storm Tactics

There is plenty to learn from these books even for fair weather sailors.  

This is Adlard Coles' timeless classic, faithfully updated by Peter Bruce to a 6th edition.  The definitive reference and a must read.  

Another great resource from Lin and Larry Pardey, with a focus on practical storm tactics actually used in the field by this highly experienced duo. 

Understanding Yacht Design

Doug Hunter and Steve Killing explain the theory, practice and principles behind yacht design in a beautifully presented and easy to understand manner.  

Lars Larsson and Rolf Eliasson have produced a detailed, technical resource for discerning amateur boat owners and professional naval architects. 

Fitting out and Configuring an Offshore Vessel

Every one of these 200 tips is interesting and useful. Veteran boat builder Bill Seifert conveys wisdom as well as humor in this invaluable, easily read reference.  Highly recommended. 

John Vigor explains what constitutes a seaworthy, offshore capable boat, and how you can upgrade your boat to simply be more safe or prepare for an offshore passage.    

Classic Seamanship

This is the fourth and latest edition of the classic reference that occupies the shelves of almost every sailor. John Rousmaniere wrote this right here in Stamford. 

Scheduled for release July 2014, this is former US Naval Academy Ralph Naranjo's contribution to the preparedness literature