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"Velocity Made Good"

"Velocity Made Good"

Justin, Skipper

Justin can't remember not being around boats. He grew up sailing and racing all kinds of dinghies on the great and small lakes of his native country Canada and the north east of the USA. In his adult life, Justin has sailed and raced a wide assortment of keel boats on San Francisco Bay, Long Island Sound, Lake Ontario, and the Caribbean.  

Justin is a member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and is a past Admiral of the Young Mariners Foundation, whose vision is to create a world class educational program for children from low income families, built around sailing and the sea. 

"What's your poison?"

"What's your poison?"

Derek Joynt, First Mate, Toronto

Derek has competed in North American and World Championships in various racing fleets in Canada, the USA and the UK. Derek is a member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, and former J24 Fleet Captain. After campaigning the J-24 "Zit", Derek became the bowman on the 8 Metre racing yacht "Severn II". Derek has joined Justin on various sailing adventures and races in the USA and Canada. While in New Zealand on an expedition to summit Mount Cook, Derek stopped in Auckland harbour to take the helm of one of the America's Cup racing yachts.

Derek is an SVP and GM of the Canadian division of The Mars Agency, one of the top shopper marketing agencies in the world.



Joseph Spinella, Crew, Manhattan

An in-demand senior coder in financial services, Joseph is a walking encyclopedia of film, television, music, and history. Relatively new to sailing, Joseph exhibits an innate boat sense and has shored up his skills by devouring course materials and gaining practical experience. He is starting to develop a slight fetish for Helly Hansen.  


Michael Galaty, Crew, Stratford CT

A senior development lead with IBM for 20 years, Mike is a great all around crew member, helmsman, navigator, and systems analyst. Justin and Mike have sailed and raced together off and on for almost 15 years. in 2014 aboard YYZ, Mike earned his place in the Buzzard's Society, having completed his tenth Vineyard Race.   

"I think this is Stratford Shoal"

"I think this is Stratford Shoal"

Steve Wolpo, Crew, Stamford CT

As a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Steve Wolpo serves as Chief Medical Officer aboard YYZ. Steve is a learned navigator and can always be relied upon for an opinion as to our whereabouts when becalmed. A member of the Ponus Yacht Club, Steve has sailed (well, motored) with Justin, and raced out of Fayerweather Yacht Club on a Morgan 38.  

Steve is the CEO of SmileSensations and founder of Oral Hygenix

Warren Willett

Dan Galyon

Mike Raynor

Brian O'Farrell

Drew Lambert