USA 2112

2018 Newport Bermuda Race
First in Class - Winner of the Overall Performance Trophy
Saint David's Lighthouse Division

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An Ideal Setting

Sailed almost entirely out of sight of land, the 635 nm Bermuda Race was created in 1906 by Thomas Fleming Day, a yachting writer who believed in the then-radical idea that amateur sailors in small yachts could sail safely in blue water. 

A Navigational Challenge

The point at which the Gulf Stream is encountered is often considered a juncture as important as the start or finish of the race itself. The location, structure, and variability of this major ocean current and its effects all present a particular challenge for every navigator and tactician.

A Beautiful Destination

Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic, known for its distinctive blend of British and American culture and pink-sand beaches. Its massive Royal Naval Dockyard complex combines modern attractions and maritime history.